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Winter Wellness Supplementation

person pouring out supplement pillsStaying healthy through the winter months requires some vigilance and good habits. Over the coming weeks I want to discuss some helpful ideas to increase your wellness, improve your immune function and enhance your overall health and wellbeing. The tips I will provide are vital to remain well through the winter months but also keep us healthy year round throughout our life.

I want to start with one of the simplest activities we can all start today…supplementation. One of the key factors in remaining healthy is keeping ourselves sufficient in the nutrients our bodies innately need to function optimally. Ideally we would receive all the nutrition we need through our diet. However due to many factors I cannot get into now, this is simply is not possible for most of us. So this is where supplements come into play.

Here are my top picks (and what I do myself) to keep your immune system functioning optimally:
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is actually a hormone the body synthesises through exposure to sunlight. Even in Queensland Vitamin D deficiency can be a big problem through the winter months. Vitamin D plays an important role in brain, bone, heart and digestive health. It is also absolutely essential for good immune activity.
  • Zinc: It is well documented that zinc deficiency makes one more susceptible to infectious pathogens. Zinc plays an essential role in our innate immune systems (first line of defense) response as well as the development of antibodies and T-Cells required to fight infections.
  • Vitamin C: Many people are aware of the value of Vitamin C in good immune activity. Vitamin C deficiency results in impaired immunity and increased susceptibility to infectious disease. Remaining sufficient is imperative to help prevent disease as well as during illness as C is greatly depleted during an inflammatory infection.
  • Probiotic: Probiotics are known to be important for good gut health by ensuring the appropriate gut bacteria are in adequate supply. Proper gut health and microflora maximise absorption of nutrients and the development of our innate immune system found in the gut and body.

Dr Jeff Yadlosky, ChiropractorThere are plenty of other supplements we could discuss that have favourable impact on our health and immune system. These are what I would consider my top 4 and do for myself everyday.

When choosing supplements it is ideal to find a naturally derived source. Synthetically derived supplements have associated negative health risks. The Joint Chiropractically supplies natural, organically sourced forms of supplements. If you have any questions, ask Dr Jeff or Dr Annie about our winter wellness immune support packages we have available.

Chiropractifcally Yours,

Dr Jeff

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