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Neck Pain Treatment in Cleveland

woman working with neck painVarious factors and stresses may cause neck pain, such as trauma, postural issues, disc degeneration, arthritis, and muscle strains. Text neck is a new problem we see in our clinic, because of the increase in time spent on computers, tablets, and cellular devices. This overuse injury stems from looking downward, often at a cell phone, for prolonged periods, which can overstretch tissues in the neck.

These stresses will eventually lead to what is known as vertebral subluxation. Subluxations occur when stressors accumulate causing vertebrae to become stiff, locked or stuck in abnormal alignment. Subluxations can cause local or radiating pain as well as disrupt the brains ability to appropriately regulate the body.

Skilled Care

Chiropractors are trained to evaluate spinal function and use different techniques to adjust the dysfunctional or subluxated vertebrae, restoring proper movement. The goal of our chiropractors is not to treat your neck pain but restore health and proper function of your spine so your body can do what it does best…heal itself.

If you are experiencing neck pain, it’s time to seek professional advice from our chiropractors. We’ll do whatever we can to get your spine healthy to facilitate your healing. We will also provide you with exercises and other strategies to manage your pain and prevent it from recurring. With proper care, you can improve your mobility and return to normal activities without the discomfort and limitations and allow you to potentially enjoy a level of health you haven’t seen in years.

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