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What to Expect

Here at The Joint Chiropractically, we welcome patients of all ages, from newborns to adults and seniors, including families. We also see patients with many different health conditions. Our goal is to help patients experience lasting healing through quality chiropractic care. Our warm practice is committed to making you feel comfortable during your time with us. Ultimately, we aim to provide you with the care you need to reach greater levels of health.

Become a member of our community today! We look forward to getting to know you, listening to your concerns, and helping you live a happier, healthier life.

New Patients Welcome

Joining our practice is a straightforward, two-visit process. Your first appointment with us will be dedicated to better understanding your needs. Your second appointment will focus on explaining the condition of your spine and the steps necessary to get well.

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members. Next, you will be asked to begin filling out your intake paperwork. You will then be escorted back to an examination room where you will meet with Dr Jeff Yadlosky (Chiropractor) for your one-on-one consultation.

During this time, he will discuss with you your health history, current condition, and health goals. A non-invasive physical examination will follow this conversation to determine the overall health of your spine.

Download New Patient Paperwork

The exam will focus on how well or poorly your spine is functioning. Dr Jeff will specifically check your spine for what is known by chiropractors as a vertebral subluxation. A subluxation is when a vertebra of the spine loses its normal movement and alignment interfering with proper brain body communication. Subluxations can have very detrimental effects on the function of the spine and body leading to poor health and wellbeing. Our focus is on determining how healthy or unhealthy your spine is, and getting to the core of your condition.

Then we seek to correct any problems to enhance the spine’s function to make significant positive changes in your health and wellbeing. We do that correction through what is known as chiropractic adjustment, which is the primary solution we will use to get the spine healthy, along with deep tissue work, exercise, etc.

Chiropractic adjustments are a simple yet powerful procedure used to correct subluaxtions. With time and repetition of adjustments, function is restored to the spine. Brain function has been shown to improve on average 20% following adjustments. The brain-body connection is restored enabling real healing to take place.

The Second Visit

Your second visit will be about your report of findings. At this time, Dr Jeff will go over the results of your full spinal examination, as well as explain to you your options for upcoming care. With the details from your initial visit and the outcome of your physical examination, he can make an informed suggestion regarding the potential courses of care that might be right for you.

Your Health First

When it comes to your health, you deserve to be heard. Be sure to communicate your questions and concerns while under our care. The Joint Chiropractically is here to put your health first! Today is the day to start your chiropractic journey. Contact our practice to make an appointment!


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