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Meet Dr Jeff Yadlosky (Chiropractor)

Dr Jeff Yadlosky, ChiropractorDr Jeff Yadolsky has been a practicing chiropractor for more than three decades. Following a rugby injury that left him desperate for a resolution, he was led to a local chiropractic practice that would change the course of his career. Not only did he heal, but he became smitten with the chiropractic philosophy. Natural health and wellness was Dr Jeff’s calling.

Now, nearly 29 years later, Dr Jeff is the proud owner of The Joint Chiropractically and has successfully helped countless people achieve better health.

World Traveler

Palmer Chiropractic College Graduate Dr Jeff grew up in Pennsylvania, United States of America. After graduating in 1995 from Palmer, he relocated to Australia. He practiced chiropractic care in Brisbane for eight years before moving back to the USA. Nearly one decade later, he returned to Australia. Cleveland became home in 2011.

Starting with the Spine

Dr Jeff currently focuses on general wellness, beginning with the spine. His first priority is always getting the spine functioning as well as possible. Then, he believes in educating about the benefits of proper nutrition, exercise, and mental and emotional health. Dr Jeff aims to help the body heal naturally while empowering the patient to make positive lifestyle choices.

If Dr Jeff can get you healthy and keep you healthy before an injury occurs, that is what he will do. Why wait until you are already suffering to seek the help OF chiropractic care With Dr Jeff’s knowledge and expertise on your side – you can prevent the onset of unnecessary pain and discomfort and experience optimal health.

Outside the Practice

When Dr Jeff is not busy at The Joint Chiropractically, he enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife and two daughters. He is also deeply passionate about music. Dr Jeff plays his guitar and sings his own, original lyrics whenever he has the chance.

Dr Jeff’s passion for chiropractic care extends far beyond the walls of his practice. He wants to spread the word of natural health and see the world become a better place.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us for more insight into what Dr Jeff might be able to offer you!

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