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Meet Dr Jeff Yadlosky (Chiropractor)

dr jeff cleveland chiropractor

Dr Jeff Yadlosky

Jeffrey Yadlosky (Dr Jeff) is a casual, approachable, professional chiropractor who grew up in Pennsylvania, USA, three hours from New York City. After graduating in 1995 from a leading chiropractic college in Davenport, Iowa, Dr Jeff moved to Australia, where he practiced as a chiropractor in Brisbane until 2003. Life took him back to the USA for a further eight years, with a return to Queensland in 2011.

Dr Jeff began practicing at The Joint Chiropractically as an associate in November of 2013 and liked it so much that he bought the business a couple of years later. Jeff is also passionate about music and when he isn’t helping patients achieve a healthy lifestyle, he enjoys the creative outlet that writing, singing and playing guitar provides. You might even spot him performing with his band.

Dr Jeff also enjoys spending time with family and keeping his own body healthy by practicing what he teaches.

More Than Aches and Pains

After chiropractic care resolved Dr Jeff’s rugby injury, he realised the chiropractic lifestyle – living a natural lifestyle and looking after your body – afforded a much greater sense of overall wellbeing than just treating symptoms. Armed with new knowledge of wellness and self-care, Dr Jeff realised he now had the power to be well and to stay well, before breaking down or being injured. His career calling became to spread the word and help others in the process.

Dr Jeff now specialises in general wellness. His goal is to first get your spine functioning properly then educate changing lifestyle habits around nutrition, exercise and mental and emotional hygiene for optimal function and wellbeing.

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