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Techniques and Services


Connection Through Touch

Dr Jeff is a diversified, hands-on, manual chiropractor. Manual adjusting allows Dr Jeff to feel what’s going on and make improvements. Touch provides a powerful connection to discover how things are working in the spine in a visit-to-visit process of checking, adjusting, and correcting subluxations.

Other techniques at The Joint Chiropractically include:

  • Activator – a gentle adjusting technique for the very young or very old

Putting New Patients at Ease

The first thing Dr Jeff likes to do is to find out who you are as a person and build rapport. He will talk about you, what you do for work, for fun, and what you might be doing to contribute to any problems.

Cleveland chiropractor Dr Jeff will work to build a relationship so that he can see clearly into the individual needs that brought you into the office.

  • Is it back pain?
  • Is it that you can’t play with your grandkids like you want to?
  • Is it neck pain?
  • Is it the fact that you can’t focus at work and you’re afraid you’re going to lose your job?

Dr Jeff learns these things so the two of you can form a connection and, through earnest conversation, he can see clearly into your situation and help make it better.

The New Patient Journey

Transitioning from corrective to maintenance care

If you have a subluxation we will see you a couple of times a week to start and as the function of your spine improves, you’ll begin to feel better, at which point we reduce the frequency of visits until your spine is functional and working at its best. Then we plan what’s best going forward for your needs.

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joint chiro teamAt The Joint Chiropractically, we strive to always provide the best care at a cost-effective price. We’re dedicated to meeting the specific concerns that you or your child may have.

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