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Massage Therapy in Cleveland

Massage therapist with clientDid you know that spinopractic massage is an ideal complement to chiropractic care? If you are having chiropractic care, it’s ideal to have a spinopractic massage done beforehand, as it helps with any restrictions around the joints. This type of deep tissue massage mobilises the restrictions of the fascia. It also reaches the areas where the muscles are working hard to stabilise the spine and joints.

Alexander Oxford, the CEO of Postural Facilitation, has trained all of our massage therapists in spinopractic massage. He or another massage therapist will perform your massage.

Who Can Benefit?

Spinopractic massage is ideal for those seeking to maintain a healthy spine and enjoy optimal spinal performance. Our massage is also beneficial for people in chronic pain and those who want to improve their general wellbeing. It sometimes can assist with acute pain as well.

We see people of all ages and backgrounds. In particular, those working in trade jobs often come in for back pain relief. Office workers who sit for many hours a day also seek massage at our practice to alleviate their back and neck discomfort. We also provide massage therapy to children and pregnant patients.

More Than Pain Relief

While spinopractic massage can effectively relieve pain, this therapy can also help you improve posture and overall health. Massage may help enhance sleep, boost the immune system, and improve mental health. We want to help patients optimise their function and performance.

What to Expect

First, we will check your muscles and fascia and how they interact with the spine. The fascia is fibrous connective tissue that acts as a wrapping around muscles and connects them with other tissues. If we detect any restrictions and hardening of that fascia we’re here to help remove those restrictions, which can have a dramatic effect on how the muscles function.

Next, we will look for muscles that are “working hard” to deal with the stresses of the world. Things like poor posture from sitting and using devices, muscle strains, injuries and traumas can cause our muscles to be overworked to stabilise the injured area. We identify these “overworked” muscles and begin to correct them with our unique style of massage.

We will also find areas of muscle wasting or what is known as atrophy. This is commonly found along with the restricted fascia and “working” muscles. Spinopractic massage addresses all of these issues, stimulating healing through increased blood flow to the affected muscles.

The Value of Consecutive Sessions

It’s our experience that consecutive massage sessions work best. When you return for your follow-up session, we will get straight to work addressing all the areas we found on your first visit. Once completed, we can objectively and accurately identify how well your body responded to our care.

Based upon your body’s response, we can work out a personalised plan to help your muscles and fascia properly regenerate and heal for lasting relief. Sometimes patients need to come in a little more frequently, and some people less often. It’s ongoing management and maintenance that will help the spine perform at its best.


How much does a massage therapy session cost?

The initial session is $99 and follow-up sessions are $55.

What are the main benefits?

Clients report less pressure and they feel taller, lighter, and have more energy and movement. They also have less pain and better concentration.

How will I feel after the massage?

After the first few sessions, you may feel somewhat sore. That’s because we’re getting blood flow to the areas that the body needs to repair.

How many visits will I need before I notice a difference?

You may experience an improvement in your symptoms after your first visit. For some people, however, it can take a few months before they get symptomatic relief.

Is there anything I should do before and after my massage?

As movement is beneficial and helps promote blood flow, you may want to take a walk before your massage session and afterwards. We also encourage you to drink plenty of water to assist with your body’s repair work.

What should I expect?

While many people equate massage with a relaxing experience in a dimmed room with aromatherapy, massage at our practice is given in our high-energy, vibrant practice. Each consult takes just 10-15 minutes because we’re highly specific and can pinpoint where the problem is. At the end of your massage, you’ll likely feel energized and ready to get back to your day!

What if I don’t want a particular part of my body worked on?

If you prefer that a particular part of your body (e.g. your neck) isn’t touched during the massage, we certainly will respect your wish. Just let your massage therapist know that at the beginning of your consult.

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