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Why Get a Massage?

spine massageThe team at The Joint Chiropractically is here to assist you in living free from discomfort and increasing your overall wellbeing. With our powerful combination of spinopractic massage and chiropractic care, we aim to help you reach your health-related goals. If you’ve been thinking about getting a massage, we’d like to tell you more about the many reasons to schedule yourself a session with our therapists.

What Is Spinopractic Massage?

Our unique form of massage is the perfect solution to maintaining the health of your spine. It’s good for chronic pain and some types of acute pain. If you don’t have a particular problem but are seeking to enhance your overall wellbeing, we can also help you with that.

The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage helps you heal and recover, assists in removing any body pain and improves your overall wellbeing. More benefits include:

  • Reduced tension
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Stimulated lymphatic system
  • Decreased stress hormones
  • Better flexibility and mobility
  • Recovery from injury

Did you know that massage can also reduce the level of stress hormones in your body? Cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine levels can all be decreased. When you have high levels of these stress hormones, it dampens your immune system function. Massage will release endorphins, which are your feel-good hormones.

Chiro massageThe Value of Combining Chiropractic and Massage

You don’t have to be a chiropractic patient to get massage therapy at our practice. Spinopractic massage, however, is the ideal complement to chiropractic. We recommend that you have a massage before your chiropractic appointment to help release restrictions in your joints, fascia and muscles.

Book your time to relax. Contact The Joint Chiropractically today to schedule a massage!

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