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So What's the Big Deal with Bad Posture?

woman receiving chiropractic treatment

It’s More Serious than you may Think……

There is lots to be concerned about when it comes to poor posture. Poor posture has detrimental impacts on our appearance as well as our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

It is well documented that people with slouched posture have increased incidence of neck pain, headaches and back pain. But it doesn’t stop there. People with bad posture also tend to have breathing problems as well as low self esteem, mood disorders, fearful thoughts and difficulty coping with stress. I think you will agree that there is a lot more to be concerned about with bad posture than simply an unsightly appearance. Below is an excellent video highlighting some of these problems.

Modern living and the use of personal hand held devices is believed to be contributing to the increase in postural problems chiropractors and other health professionals are seeing in their offices. In fact, research is actually showing how phone use is possibly causing anatomical changes to our skulls. A pair of researchers at the University of the Sunshine Coast recently received lots of press from around the globe. Their research demonstrated young adults were developing horns on the back of their heads. The researchers hypothesized that the increased mechanical load of constantly sitting with our heads in a downward position was contributing to the development of the horns. WOW!

It is vital to address posture early and often in your children and yourself. In this excellent video below are some helpful tips on proper use of hand held devices. It is also of great idea to have your child’s spine and posture evaluated by a chiropractor who can correct any underlying problems and make recommendations for postural correction. Give us a ring if you have questions or concerns for your children.

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