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Movement for Health

runner-tricep-stretch-sqIt’s not a mystery or earth shattering revelation for any of us that regular exercise is a vital component of being healthy. Body movement is one of the pillars upon which terrific health and vitality stands. Eating substances the body requires for good function, avoiding toxicity (both mentally and chemically), a healthy nervous system with regular chiropractic care and regular, healthy movement are genetic requirements for optimum function and health.

Incredible data regarding the benefit of exercise has been collated in a paper by Booth et al. in 2002. The findings are mind blowing and most of these benefits were seen with a simple 30 minute brisk walk. The documented benefits of walking include:

• Prevent up to 91% of cases of obesity and Type 2 diabetes
• Prevent up to 50% of all cases of heart disease
• Prevent up to 50% of all stroke deaths
• Reduce risk of breast cancer by up to 60%
• Prevent up to 47% of cognitive impairment, prevent up to 62% of Alzheimer’s and 52% other dementia’s
• Decrease depression by 20%, including relapses
• Reduce Melanoma, that’s right, skin cancer (apparently from the sun) by 72%

Just incredible. I could go on with many other documented benefits but these are some of the highlights.

It’s vitally important to understand that the advice in this paper is not designed to be a “treatment” for any symptom, condition or disease. This is not so much a disclaimer as it is a philosophical underpinning of the work we perform in this office. We provide wellness care in this practice. While people’s symptoms, conditions and disease processes do often clear up, our goal is not to “treat” them with exercise or adjustments. Our goal is to provide the advice and care that maximises your vitality so your body can innately do what it does best….heal itself.

Throughout all of history, human beings have spent the majority of their day in a state of movement. Our very survival was dependant on hunting and gathering for food, demanding we were constantly on the move. With the agricultural revolution we still found ourselves in a state of continual physical activity with the requirements of our labour. In the last 100 plus years human beings lifestyles have changed drastically with the industrial revolution. With technological advancements, so much of our life has been shifted from a physical to a more sedentary existence. Many of us find ourselves sitting for long stretches of our day without activity.

With the drastic reduction of a physical activity, has come an increase in sickness and disease of sedentarism. A lack of adequate movement in one’s life has a multitude of negative effects on our physiology and health. Obesity is one of the more insidious effects causing: Stress on joints leading to arthritis and increased immobility, cardiovascular stress making one susceptible to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and digestive impairments. Without regular, challenging movement we grow weak in heart and brain function as well as immune system activity.

Get moving!

Below are some helpful hints to find motivation and get the biggest bang for your buck.

I. For best results from your exercise aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week. Going for a leisurely amble down the street is relaxing and offers benefits but lacks the intensity necessary for best results.
II. Increase your heart rate. You don’t have pump weights or go for a 5km run to get value from your exercise but you do want to be sure you increase your cardiac output. Pushing yourself to at least cause your heart rate to accelerate is important in increasing vitality.
III. Be sure to include cardiovascular and resistance exercises to your regime. Both are important and offer different health benefits. One doesn’t have to go to a gym to get a good strengthening workout. Simple exercises like squats, push-ups, burpees, pull-ups and planking can easily be done at home while providing very positive results. Exercise bands can be purchased at low cost and give you a greater variety of exercise options. To increase vitality we need to work both cardiovascular and skeletal muscle.
IV. Be sure to work your core. Core strength is often overlooked, yet so important for a healthy spine and body. For an entry level core workout, see our website videos at
V. Stretch daily. It feels fabulous to have a good stretch but it offers a lot of other benefits besides loosening tight muscles and joints. Stretching muscles and joints stimulates lymphatic drainage, improves immune system function and stimulates brain activity.
VI. Do what you love (or at least tolerate). I do not enjoy the gym so I don’t do it. I like to train outside so I visit local exercise parks. While I could get a more well-rounded workout at the gym I prefer being outside. I also love mountain biking and bush walking. Forcing yourself to do something you do not like is a recipe for failure.
VII. Switch it up! Variety is a spice of life and will maintain your interest
VIII. Seek avenues to increase your activity throughout the day. Rather than hunting out the closest parking space to the entrance of the shopping centre, actively choose the furthest. Instead of taking the elevator a few floors, take the steps. Small changes in thinking can make large impacts on wellbeing over the long hall.
IX. If you sit for long periods of the day while working, consider a stand up desk. Sitting long hours is terrible for the spine and has negative impacts on your global health.
X. Start where you’re at. Make a plan and don’t go too hard too fast. Cut out at least 30 minutes of your day to engage in a physical activity you will enjoy. Create some reasonable goals for yourself that will see you grow fitter over the long term. This is a marathon and not a sprint.

Having a strong, fit body not only feels good but is essential to be a vital, well-being. Health is a triune of physical, chemical and mental/emotional factors. Doing the simple things necessary to maximise these factors will increase your vital energy. Moving every day is an important positive action step helping you climb the pathway to health and your health goals.

Our Mission

Turning our community on to the wonders of chiropractic and providing positive lifestyle choices for our chiropractic family to enhance their health and life.


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