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How to Successfully Complete a 3 Day Juice Fast- Day 1 of 3

Fasting has many wonderful benefits for the body, mind and soul. Lots of research is being done on the effects fasting has on our body.  It’s been shown to help improve heart health, brain health and reduce inflammation.  Fasting helps cleanse the body of impurities and enhance cellular healing while giving our digestive system a much needed rest.


Over the next 3 days I will be doing a vegetable juice fast.  Each day I will be recording a separate video explaining different aspects of fasting including: Preparation for fasting, the veggies and supplements I use to make my juices, how often we should be juicing and discussing some of the many benefits fasting can bring you.  Follow along and learn for yourself this amazing health hack that can have a significant boost to your health and wellbeing.



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