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"How Chiropractic can Help Reduce the Damaging Effects of Stress......"

 Watch this short video explaining how to minimize stress’s effects on our body

A great deal of time, energy and resources have been spent researching stress and its detrimental effects upon the body and mind. Researchers have mapped out the physiological changes that occur when we are confronted with stressful situations. You may be aware of the term ” fight or flight” which represents our need to run from danger or fight for our lives.  Fight or flight is our response when confronted with great danger. We go through the exact same response when we feel stressed out but just on a smaller level.


Researchers shows that stress hormones alter our physiology leading to increased blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol and anxiety. Stress inhibits our immune system and digestive system. Blood sugars get out of balance and our ability to focus and concentrate are diminished. These changes make us more prone to poor health increasing our risk and likelihood of developing heart disease, stroke, cancer and other mental and emotional disorders.


Stress gets us all sometimes. For some of us, stress has become a way of life. It is imperative we take appropriate actions to minimize its damaging effects. There are very important lifestyle measures we can employ to reduce the risk of catastrophe. Chiropractic adjustments can help reduce or reverse the build up of stress in our body. Please watch this short video at the top of the page for helpful hints to minimize the damaging effects of stress.


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