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"Do You Know Someone Who Needs Chiropractic Care But Is Scared? Share This Video!

Fear of the unknown can prevent us from having some pretty incredible life experiences. Sometimes our fears are well founded. Self preservation is a basic instinct. Sometimes however our fears not only stop us from wonderful life experiences but can cause us to suffer needlessly.

Over my last 25 years experience as a chiropractor, I have heard many stories from practice members telling me their wife or friend really needs to get their spines checked. Unfortunately it was often followed by, “But she’s just too scared.” Many finally end up coming in after years of suffering. For some it was too little, too late. Most however lament, “Why didn’t I just do this earlier.”

I have found lots of people fearful of chiropractic seem to have no problem popping pills. The truth is, Chiropractic care is way safer than taking most medication and pain killers. Some pain killers, like opioids, can come at the extreme cost of addiction or even death. As discussed in this awesome video, the research shows you you are 10x more likely suffering a serious injury on your way to see the chiropractor than actually by the chiropractor himself.


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