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Did you Ever Wonder what Causes the "Popping" Sound During a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Over the last 24 years as a practicing Chiropractor I have heard countless hundreds, maybe even thousands of people tell me they just can’t stand to hear the “CRACKING” sound accompanying a chiropractic adjustment. Sadly this prevents many people from visiting a Chiropractor despite the fact there are other effective adjustment techniques that do not facilitate a “pop.” In fact the sound you may or may not hear is irrelevant in determining whether an adjustment has actually occurred.

A common fear I will sometimes hear regarding the “pop” is that it will cause arthritis. Just like the old wives tale that cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis, patients are sometimes concerned that the “pops” they hear during an adjustment will do the same thing to their spine. Although it may be a widely held belief, the science says popping your knuckles or your spine will not give you arthritis. Quite the contrary, chiropractic adjustments help prevent arthritis by restoring proper alignment and function to an already damaged joint.

So what does causes the popping sound you often hear when you receive a Chiropractic adjustment? It’s not bones cracking or breaking thank goodness. The popping sound is caused by what is known as tribonucleation. Watch this fabulous video to learn more.

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