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Celebrating the Spirit of the Season With Giving

Dr Jeff loves celebrating Thanksgiving, which isn’t surprising, as he’s from the United States! The holiday is a wonderful time to express thanks and acknowledge the many things we are grateful for.

To show his appreciation to his patients for their support, Dr Jeff hosted a special Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday, 24th November at the Grandview Hotel, Cleveland. The event, which was a massive success, included a sit-down family-style traditional Thanksgiving feast, including platters to share. About 40 people were in attendance, and many guests came. We were honoured to hear so many comments from patients on how good the food and event were!

Helping The Rock Foodlink

Not only were those in attendance nourished with delicious food, but we also provided nourishment to others, as we raised about $400 in cash for The Rock Foodlink, as well as a ute full of food! The women running the pantry were thrilled with the donations and said they rarely get such large donations. We want to express a heartfelt thanks to our patients, who really put their best foot forward to help the hungry in our area.

As Dr Jeff said, “Our patients really put their best foot forward.”

Dr Jeff and his team are passionate about giving back to the community, not only during this holiday season, but year-round. We look forward to serving our patients and the community with compassion and excellence in the New Year and beyond!

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