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"Neck Pain can be a Drag! Here are a few Possible Solutions….."


The answer to most of our neck related problems can be narrowed down to a couple of causes; micro traumas from lifestyle habits or major injuries (macro traumas). For some people it is both.  There are no shortages of  lifestyle habits that can be causing repeated micro trauma to our spine: Poor posture, incorrectly set up work station, texting, computer work, bad sleeping posture are just a few. These repeated “little episodes” to our spine accumulate and the end result is improperly functioning neck.

Macro traumas or traumatic injuries are commonly the source of our neck problems. Old injuries that haven’t properly healed often return to cause chronic issues. Injuries like whiplash will lead to scar tissue that restricts functional mobility of the spine. Research indicates this can reap havoc with not only the spine but can have serious impacts on to the brain as well. So that brain fog you experience may be related to neck problems.

Here are 2 simple suggestions that can make a big differences.

1. Monitor your posture. Remember to keep things at eye level. So much of our day is spent looking down. Simply address those things that force our head into a downward position and seek ergonomically correct solutions.

2. Keep moving. The science is clear- regular movement is essential for proper function and healing. If you are at a desk it is important to take breaks, stretch and stay moving. Even if your on the tools and moving all day, taking time to stretch is important.

If you have chronic neck pain, reoccurring bouts of neck pain or limited range of neck mobility, see a chiropractor. Chiropractors correct stiff, stuck or misaligned vertebra called subluxations.  Chiropractors help reverse the damaging effects of injuries whether from repeated lifestyle causes or trauma like a whiplash. We help get the spine moving, restore alignment, help repair soft tissue damage and enable the body to heal itself.

Phone now on 3821-3103 or click the link “Request Appointment” at the top of this page to organize a day and time to have your spine checked. We will perform a complete history to locate any potential contributing factors and a thorough exam to uncover how healthy or unhealthy your spine may be. If x-rays are indicated we will order those (bulk billed) and review our findings and recommendations. You will also receive a complimentary deep tissue muscle release with our massage therapist Alex. Discover how chiropractic can help you.







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