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"Discover a Successful Solution for Tension Headaches..."

Young businesswoman has splitting headache pain migrain

 What’s causing your headache?

Tension headaches can range from really annoying to down right debilitating. If you are a chronic headache sufferer all you want is relief, I get it. Too often however we reach for the pain killers. Not only are pain pills a temporary fix, they can also come with unwanted side affects.

Wouldn’t you rather get to the cause of your headaches than repeatedly treat the symptoms?

Very commonly, the source of your headaches is in your NECK! Poor posture, old injuries or repeated micro traumas cause the bones of the neck to become misaligned, stiff and stuck out of place. This leads to muscle spasms and nerve irritation. For many people this results in a headache. It’s not uncommon for those who get tension headaches to also have neck pain and tenderness, especially at the base of the skull.

So, “Whats the solution?”  Lets address the cause rather Very simply treat the effect!

You benefit from a terrific offer. If you have reoccurring headaches it is vital you have your spine checked for these misalignments. For only $47 we are offering you a complete examination of your spine to see how its functioning or not functioning. If x-rays are indicated we will have your spine x-rayed (bulk billed) and explain the condition of your spine and how we can help. It is a crazy good offer but you will also receive a complimentary deep tissue muscle release form our massage therapist Alex. So phone Helen, Monique or myself today on (07) 3821-3103. Alternatively you can click on the link above, “Request Appointment.”

Thank You,

Jeffrey Yadlosky- Chiropractor




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