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Meet Tyson Jones, Masseuse

Tyson Jones massage therapist

Meet Tyson Jones – Massage Therapist

Tyson Jones is a master practitioner of Spinopractic massage who focuses on getting postural muscles working the way they should. After discovering that his mother was hit by a truck at a young age, he dedicated to helping her with her pain. This in turn lead to him turning towards learning massage and improving his ability to help other with their pain.

Tyson studied his diploma of massage in Brisbane and eventually went on to study Spinopractic massage under Alexander Oxford a year later. After learning the techniques of spinopractic massage and the benefits of massage, Tyson never looked back to conventional remedial massage.

Outside of the practice, Tyson is a passionate and dedicated musician who is eager to learn everything he possibly can about music and play as many instruments as he can as well as he can.

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