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Meet the Team at The Joint Chiropractically

Dr Jeff, Chiropractor

Jeffrey Yadlosky (Dr Jeff) is a casual, approachable, professional chiropractor who grew up in Pennsylvania, USA, three hours from New York City. After graduating in 1995 from a leading chiropractic college in Davenport, Iowa, Dr Jeff moved to Australia, where he practiced as a chiropractor in Brisbane until 2003. Life took him back to the USA for a further eight years, with a return to Queensland in 2011.

dr jeff cleveland chiropractor

Meet Tyson, Masseuse

Tyson Jones is a master practitioner of Spinopractic massage who focuses on getting postural muscles working the way they should. After discovering that his mother was hit by a truck at a young age, he dedicated to helping her with her pain. This in turn lead to him turning towards learning massage and improving his ability to help other with their pain.

Tyson Jones massage therapist

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